Transformer Pad Infinity officially launches Down Under

ASUS has officially launched its latest flagship Android tablet in Australia, the Transformer Pad Infinity.

ASUS has officially launched its latest flagship Android tablet in Australia, the Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T.

The company unveiled the tablet at a media event in Sydney this morning. The Transformer Pad Infinity will come bundled with a keyboard dock and will sell for $999.

In unveiling the tablet, ASUS cited "past experiences" with its Transformer Prime tablet as a reason it will not sell the Infinity tablet without a keyboard dock.

"We brought in the no keyboard version of the Transformer Prime along with the with keyboard version," said ASUS' product manager for tablets, Anson Zhang. "We found that everyone who bought the Pad then came back to us to purchase the keyboard as an extra. So we found that from past experiences, and we are just bundling the dock together with the Infinity."

ASUS sells the Infinity's keyboard dock as an optional accessory in other markets around the world.

The Infinity's keyboard dock adds an extra six hours of battery life to the device's stand-alone 10 hour battery life when connected, therefore producing a total battery life of up to 16 hours. However, it also raises the overall cost of the unit.

When questioned why the device is more expensive in Australia than the US, where the Transformer Pad Infinity and keyboard dock can be purchased for around $794, ASUS cited Australian "retail and advertising costs".

ASUS did confirm it will honour warranty claims for Australian consumers who purchase the Transformer Pad Infinity overseas, but would not cover pickup or return costs for any warranty or service claims.

"We offer a one year global warranty, but we will not do pickup and return, they will need to deliver and pickup the product themselves," said Zhang.

The Transformer Pad Infinity is a follow-up to the Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet, which was released in Australia earlier this year. The key feature of the Transformer Pad Infinity is the 10.1in super IPS+ screen with an impressive 1920x1200 resolution. In comparison, almost all current 10in Android tablets use a 1280x800 resolution display panel.

ASUS will only sell the 64GB Wi-Fi only model of the Transformer Pad Infinity in Australia. In other markets, the company sells a cheaper, 32GB model.

Globally, the company will sell 3G and 4G LTE models of the Transformer Pad Infinity. Both of these versions use a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait dual-core processor instead of the Tegra 3 quad-core chip that powers the Wi-Fi only model sold Down Under.

The Transformer Pad Infinity initially ships with the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 version of Google's Android software platform, but ASUS has already confirmed it will be updated to the latest Jelly Bean 4.1 version "in the coming months".

Australian models of the 64GB Wi-Fi-only ASUS Transformer Infinity TF700T will be available in "champagne gold" and "amethyst grey" colours for $999. The tablet goes on sale through authorised ASUS resellers from tomorrow.




Following that link the US price is AUD695 for the 64GB with keyboard.

It appears that ASUS are saying that Australian customers are too stupid to decide for themselves whether they need a keyboard but definitely stupid enough to pay $1000 when Americans pay $695.

I like many others on the forums/blogs will be picking up the 32GB version from the US for AUD475 + post.



If ASUS sold the 32gb without keyboard they would be hugely popular. Instead they are allowing these sales to go overseas.

And so what if customers come back later to buy a keyboard. That's sales 101. Get the customers in the door with the tablet at a fair price and if they come back for more you happily take their business.

Instead ASUS are pricing themselves out of the market or forcing their customers to bypass the local retailers and buy from the US.




I am guessing they are holding too much inventory of the TF201 and as a result they are unable to offer a TF701 at a lower price/config. One key reason that they would be holding too much old stock would be the policy of unreasonable pricing for Australia. This is silly when it is so easy to buy from overseas and when many products have an international warranty. Why would you bother paying hundreds of dollars more when you can get it shipped from America in a few days.



Just to let you guys know. Asus have packaged the Transformer Prime (TF201) dock with the TF700T. Label at the back of the keyboard dock says TF201 and software version also says TF201. Also, when docking the tablet, the latch does not lock fully.



I don't want the keyboard. I don't need the keyboard. I don't want to pay for the keyboard. I don't like Asus telling Australians that we are too stupid to decide whether we need a keyboard.

I will be buying from the U.S. where Asus are less patronising and the keyboard is optional.



Asus decision to force Australian customers to buy the keyboard is designed to maximize revenue. This bullcrap excuse is a cynical way to say it's not us it's our customers that are forcing us to include the keyboard. I will buy from the U.S. without the keyboard.

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