Aldi $249 tablets run out in minutes (+ slideshow)

Consumers buy multiple devices

The North Sydney Aldi store at 8.30am

The North Sydney Aldi store at 8.30am

Special buys German supermarket chain, Aldi, began selling its $249 Bauhn-branded Android tablets across its stores at 8am today but stocks ran out in a matter of minutes in some stores.

ARN and PCWorld joined the queue at the Aldi North Sydney store to get a glimpse of the latest gadget and have a chat with prospective buyers.

However, due to a lack of proper ushering, allocation and what appeared to be a stock of only two boxes (not more than 50 tablets in total), many consumers left the store disappointed.

Instead of selling one tablet per customer, people were angered by a few that walked out with two or three tablets in hand.

Some of the consumers that did not manage to get one had been lining up for the device from 8am in the morning.

“I was probably about the 12th person here. They told us that the tablets were racked up at the back but had them at the register. I got all lined up and those that got in front were buying two or three tablets each – I didn’t manage to get one,” Matt Thompson said.

ARN spoke to a few of the people to get a sense of why they were purchasing the 9.7-inch Android tablet.

“I briefly had a look at the specifications and for the price, it’s pretty good. Why should I buy a table for $500 when I can get it for $250?” Satish Nagarajan said.

An elderly customer mentioned that he was purchasing the tablet to keep up to date with the technologies available in the market.

“The last time I looked at a computer was two years ago. I don’t have the technical knowledge like many do and I need to educate myself. I previously bought other gadgets from Aldi and it’s just as good as those you get from mainstream vendors,” Herbert Hager, saied.

Another customer, Stan Nigelo, mentioned that he was purchasing the device to use while he commutes to and from work.

“I got my own computer to use at work and at home, so it’s just for reading stuff on the bus,” he said.

Bauhn is an Aldi trademark.

The device runs Google's latest operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.

It features 16GB of internal memory, two megapixel rear-facing camera, 1GHz single-core Amlogic Cortex A9 processor, 1GB of RAM and a microSD card slot for memory expansion.

One customer said that he bought the tablet because he prefers the Android operating system, and this tablet was the cheapest Android available in the market.

“With the iPad, you don’t stop spending. The tablet is over-priced to begin with, then you keep spending for many of the applications,” Martin Bregozzo said.

The tablet is available from all Aldi stores over the counter - if there any stocks left.

Ross Catanzariti contributed to this report

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Kogan have a similar unit, for $199.

Nermin Bajric




Kogan sold out, too.



Or you could pick up the far superiour Sony 32GB tablet from Harvies for $396... Since when did we only care about the cheapest sh!t out there, pay a bit more and get something decent.



It is almost impossible for a doddery old bugger like me to get any of Aldi's super specials. I'm too easy to shove out of the way at the front of the store and too slow to get down the back before the shelves are stripped by vultures who grab everything they can get their hands on.



to the guy that said we should buy the sony tablet for $396, you're missing the point. Not all of us can afford 400 bucks for a tablet. These cheaper ones are aimed at those of us that would like a tablet but don't want to spend a fortune on it.



Sony hasn't been superior since the 1980s. $2B losses don't happen by accident.
And seriously who would be seen dead with a Kogan or Aldi tablet? I hope they come with a cover that hides the little monstrosity people picked up from the low-rent supermarket

Ripped Off


Shame ALDI, SHAME !! Advertising the tablet in the flyer and box as dual core and hoping no one would notice it is only a single core !!. Very Disappointed !!



I can't understand how ( you know what) people can be. They can buy the same tablet on ebay for the same price. But no, they prefer to believe on lies writen on the box of the tablet thiking is a duo core and stay on the line to buy it. OMG. lol

This one has even better Memory. The Tablet Aldi was selling is the same thing they just branded the damn thing that's all and don't tell otherwise. learn how to use the net so you people can stop running around like headless chikens.



You can't pay for this sort of advertising. Well you can actually.

Paul of Brisbane North


The local Aldi put up a notice saying one per customer. Probably a good thing as there were about 50 people lined up from 8am (half an hour before opening).

Recommend doing a data reset before you use it proper. As a result, I noticed the Aldi Android App disappeared which was probably indirectly related to app download issues from the 'Play Store'.

So far so good. Definately can't complain about the price or quality (at this stage!).



If anyone is interested i have some HP Touchpads for sale on Gumtree in Sydney which are the 32Gb versions and can now support Android. This is much better than the Aldi products which only come with 16Gb. Please check out my ad.



Aldi tablets are slow as they are only single core. Why are people buying them when HP Tablets come with a dual core processor and are much better value. I also have the external touchstone docks to charge the 32Gb HP touchpads wirelessly. Please check out my above ad. I got the HP Touchpad 32Gb for $270 and wireless dock for $60,00.



To all of the knockers - the Aldi offer is better - there is a 12-month replacement warranty. All of you eBay and other sellers are merely small middlemen - you make such small margins that you cannot stock replacement product - you are at the mercy of your supplier - usually themselves some HK or Chinese 'wholesaler' middleman.



Dont know what your talking about here. HP also offers a 12months replacement warranty.



Hi have the aldi tablet ( bauhn ) very happy so far, does any one know where I can purchase a decent cover for it, the one supplied is crap.



Pity Aldi misled their customers with a "dual core processor" that wasn't... now for the ACCC to show some consistency and smack Aldi with the same fine Apple received for misleading with the 4g iPad...



I didnt actually buy one of these, but i am trying to support it as a BYOD (Bring your own device) at work. The Tablet doesnt compare at all to the iPad. It is extremely unresponsive and plain jittery.

I have tried using Citrix reciever and it simply fails everytime. Looks like this customer will be using that 60 day return policy of Aldi's!

The 'build number' under About Tablet is 'Ice Cream Sandwish Tablet - 20120517' Thats right 'Sandwish' not 'sandwich' as advertised on the Bauhn website and obviously the offical OS name.

Dodgy as....

Mark Elliott


I'm very happy with my Aldi tablet. I can't justify spending the money on an iPad. The only downside is the terrible wireless range.
My Review



gotek-global have android 4.0.3 10.1 and 9.7 inch with hdmi, 3g data 1.2ghz for a low cost of $355, there are other players with back and front cameras



hope they bring out an Windows 8 Pro tablet, wonder what the specs and price would be.




Bought 1 today. A total piece of Aldi S^%$ as usual. I dont know how I get suckered in every time.

The only thing I get at Aldo now is the skim Milk and even thats 10% permeate... or 20%....or 90%.. who knows

Total false advertising saying dual core when its not. Also software seems to be pirated from some place.

Total rubbish .. they will be very bust taking returns.. maybe they need to open a few more check outs also!! No use having 10 check outs and 1 persn working every time we go to Hurstville, Miranda.

Shame Aldo Shame. You do get what you pay for.. Pay cheap get cheap

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