HP ousts Apple from top PC vender slot

Canalyst counts tablets as personal computers, so in the last quarter of 2011 sales of the iPad had bumped Apple into the top slot.

Apple lost its position as the number one manufacturer of personal computers in the first quarter, according to Canalyst research.

Canalyst counts tablets as personal computers, so in the last quarter of 2011 sales of the iPad had bumped Apple into the top slot.

According to Canalyst, in the first quarter HP sold 40,000 more 'PCs' than Apple. Apple sold 15.8 million units, 4 million of which were Macs.

Apple sold 11.8 million iPads in Q1 of 2012, this was short of analysts' expectations, probably because consumers were waiting for the New iPad to launch, notes Business Insider.

Canalyst notes: "The pad category exhibited the highest growth - more than 200% year on year - notebook and desktop PC shipments were up too, rising 11% and 8% respectively. Netbook shipments, however, were down 34% on the year-ago quarter - the sixth such fall in succession."

"Pads represented 19 per cent of all client PC shipments in Q1, up substantially from 7 per cent a year ago, but down on the 22 per cent recorded in Q4 2011," according to Canalyst.

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When are these idiots going to stop calling tablets or crapple ipads personal computers? they only have 20% the functionality of a pc, more and more people are discovering that they are not much better than a mobile phone with a big screen, Ok for using content but not for creating it. get real stop counting tablets and pads and give us the real figures.

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