Toshiba unveils new AV line up

Seven Regza ranges contain a total of 13 new products
Regza VL800A

Regza VL800A

Electrical products vendor, Toshiba Australia, has unveiled its latest range of LED and LCD TVs.

The seven Regza ranges contain a total of 13 new products and have specific features targeting consumers. They all feature HD or full HD picture quality and connectivity options are available along with a wide range of screen sizes.

Toshiba Australia general manager of the information systems division, Rob Wilkinson, said, “Technology such as the intelligent 3D system and active shutter 3D glasses combine to create Full HD, 3D viewing. Toshiba’s ClearScan 400Hz and 200Hz technology also makes movement appear completely smooth and realistic and helps to optimise the 3D effect.”

The viewing experience offered by its latest models is further enhanced by Toshiba’s new Cevo-Engine, a powerful multiprocessor that uses auto collaboration to enable film studio picture quality and converts standard 2D images to 3D in real time (in the WL800A series).

For example, the new WL800A TV range features personal TV auto face recognition. It has a camera embedded within the TV, allowing it to identify and recognise people in front of the screen and remember individual viewing preferences.

“Personal TV auto face recognition can store up to four different viewers’ settings and automatically deliver their personal pre-sets, including picture settings, volume preference and channel lists to each viewer,” Wilkinson said.

The WL800A range also offers the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), which allows people to share HD content on their TVs via direct cable connection from mobile devices.

The Regza WL800A, VL800A and SL800A models include iPTV options – permitting file sharing from a computer across to a shared menu and showing it on the TV screen.

The Regza VL800A is availabe for $2229 and the Regza AV800A costs $599.

The Regza SL800A range is available from $999, the Regza LV800A from $679, the Regza EL800A from $599 and the Regza HL800A from $849.

The Regza WL800A range will be available in retail stores from early September and starts at $2329.

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