Law firm considers Vodafone class action

Law firm, Piper Alderman, is investigating a class action against the telco to recover losses suffered by customers over the past three years

Australian law firm, Piper Alderman, is calling for angry customers to register their interest in participating in a class action lawsuit against Vodafone. This follows the mobile telco’s recent spate of outages and technical glitches that has left some with a temporarily degraded level of service.

A spokesperson for the law firm did not immediately return a call asking for further details of its intentions, but Piper Alderman has published a brief statement on its web site asking for Vodafone customers to register to take part in the action.

“Calls dropping out, reception issues, poor data performance – this is not what Vodafone customers signed up for,” the site states. “Vodafone, however, has continued to charge customers on its mobile plans, without providing the service it promised.

“Customers who signed up with Vodafone over the last three years may be entitled to compensation if they were misled into signing contracts or if Vodafone did not live up to its end of the bargain.”

The firm said it was investigating a class action against the telco to recover losses suffered by customers over the past three years — “plus interest”. In addition, it promised customers who agreed to take part in the legal move that there would be “nothing to pay” unless compensation was won from the telco.

A Vodafone spokesperson issued a statement noting the telco was aware of Piper Alderman’s move.

“The most important thing we can do is to remain focused on improving our customers’ experience of our network, and keep working with our customers, individually, to understand their experience, resolve it and make it up to them,” Vodafone said.

“There’s no higher priority than making sure customers are happy with their service and I am very sorry that some have not been happy recently. We are also in contact with the ACCC and other consumer groups to advise them of what we are doing to improve network performance and service to our customers, and are keeping our customers across changes through our website.”

The spokesperson added Vodafone’s network performance was improving, and it was confident things would get better as it continued to roll out extra capacity across its network.

Vodafone customers have been complaining about the network issues on a number of online forums, with the most visible being, a site set up by Sydney resident Adam Brimo to discuss his problems with the telco and share stories.

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I signed up 4 months ago,live at Cronulla. I have wireless internet. Out of 7 days Iam lucky to connect 3 days out of seven. I keep on calling Vodaphone . they promise to give you credit,and when I get my credit card statement....I get full bill, I complained again ...lady promised to look into my problem and call me back within 15mins...Iam still waiting for the call a week later. My first bill was $70 then it went to $145 then $ managed to use up half a gig out of 8 gig plan maximum. and get $268 bill. Promised credit again...then I get $168 bill. When I was promised no fee for December . I ring again and I was told there is no record of it.The Call centre person even hung up on me.usually takes 45 mins to get onto them..Iam now totally sick of this and cancelling my Aussie Credit card even as they were no help either.Aussie said they cannot cancel the payments to Vodaphone Iam even cancelling my credit card so that the bastards cannot rob me blind any more.......BEWARE!!!!!!!!!



I have pre pay and i went to the store in Chapel to ask when i had thousands free texts and free hours why did my phone always tell me i was out of credit and transmission fail, i did not understand this as i kept topping up as it always told me fail, i then checked my free hours txt and i had huge credits also you do not get the free credits until all the money is used up, my complaint is they are sending the message so you keep topping up therefore one assumes that they have used everything but they have not they said it was because they are the same as three, i have been on hold to them for up to an hour their service is appalling; I have spent so much more than I should have; also I was seeking job and I would answer phone and it cuts off it cuts off all the time and I have to spend and spend to call people back, also I had a bill to pay and the company could not get me so they cut off my power’;



A class action usually gets some action from the recipient.

Vodafone is a huge, powerful and rich telco, they have no excuse for the abysmal service levels, and are apparently gouging the customer base for profits and margins whilst investing little or nothing.

Except in blanket marketing.

It is time for the ACCC to step in on their marketing lies and misleading information deluge.



I have had heaps of trouble with vodafone. false misleading competitions, text messages being sent multiple times to the annoyance of the recipient. No network coverage in many areas including under the roof at my place of work. Faulty phones that vodafone refuse to repair even though it was only two weeks old. Impossible use of their website. clueless customer assistants. I could go on, but whats the use. Im sure all vodafone customers are fed up like me and have had the same problems as me. I'm joining the class action.

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