Filter fight back on

The Federal Government’s mandatory Internet filter plan is back in the spotlight

Now the Labor Government has been returned, albeit as a minority government, the fight over the Federal Government’s mandatory Internet filter plan is back on.

Prior to the election, the Coalition finally took the stance to oppose an ISP-level cleanfeed. The Greens also maintained their position against the filter.

With Labor now forming a minority government, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is looking forward to the implementation of the filter. Despite the amount of criticism against plan, the lobby group is confident the Government will stick to its guns.

“Labor made very strong commitments to the Internet filter in the lead-up to the election and we would expect them to honour the commitment not withstanding the tight election results,” ACL national chief of staff, Lyle Shelton, said.

“We envisaged the Greens might be in a balance of power situation in the senate; that was widely tipped before the election. So we specifically asked Julia Gillard [in an interview with ACL chief, Jim Wallace] if there was a hostile senate, would she ensure the commitments Labor has made will not be traded away.

“She said absolutely, so we would expect her to honour that.”

It is this kind of attitude that concerns the EFA. The Internet civil liberties group has encouraged the public to call Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy’s office to vent their hate for the filter.

“After investing so much into defending the trouble scheme, Senator Conroy clearly can’t bring himself to let the poor thing die with dignity,” EFA chairman, Colin Jacobs, said in a post of the group’s website.

“… As long as the filter is Government policy, we must maintain our rage; the possibility of floor-crossing Liberals, a double dissolution election, or regulation-based solution can still keep us up at night.

“Tell him what you really think - that the filter's a joke, that it damages the dignity of the government, that you want him to focus on making our Internet experience better, not worse.”

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Can we also ask why AFP funding to catch actual kiddy pr0n perpetrators was cut, while hundreds of millions will be wasted on this filter?!?

Doesn't that mean Labor are all for blocking kiddy pr0n from the net, but not actually catching and punishing them?!?




So the filter was dead before the election. ALP only have power because of greens and independents. So how is it this 'financially responsible' govt can now (again) waste funds on something that nobody wants? And they know it.
ACL can bugger off. Dont impose their morals on me.



The filter was never "dead" - it was hidden away and yet still present and ready to spring out to affect folk, just like CP would be under Conroy's legislation! Filtering the filter, and just as effective.

If the Australian Federal Police and the Government have a list of 300+ CP websites, why aren't the hosts and/or webmasters being pursued and prosecuted? Are they being kept as honeypots, or as some loose incentive to rile up the gullible and less-tech-savvy?

Closing your curtains doesn't make the outside world disappear.



As always, the ACL just don't get it, the reason Labor only just got in, was because when I voted, I put ISP filter supporters last. Family First became Family Last, along with the rest of the 'nutters', followed closely by the ALP.
The ISP filter isn't needed, isn't wanted and doesn't work!!!!!



Oh god, Jim Wallace and Lyle Shelton. Please give these dimwits the knowledge to go further in their simple lives or atleast let the rest of the world go forward without being held back by these people. Do they realise that Julia did not win outright and had to team up with other parties to form government? I voted for the greens because I know they will put the filter firmly in its place, as in no place. This is why the Christian movement is so far behind, its run by a bunch of clowns with funny hats. The ACL is just an embarrassment to all.



I don't know what is more peculiar,that Jimbo has a voice or that people actually believe his bigoted dribble.



All we need is to encourage end-to-end encryption on the internet. Secure communications will end once and for all the politicians' and the puritanicals' fantasies of censorship and surveillance alike. We need to stop pandering to their political machinations and use the technology that already exists today to neuter them - engaging with them only encourages their negative behaviours.

Syd Walker


I think ex-SAS Commander Jim Wallace would be quite insulted to be called a dimwit.

Jim's no fool. From the first occasion when he rose to national prominence back in 2003, as a self-styled leading Christian berating authentic Christian leaders for their opposition to the Iraq invasion, Wallace has performed very well. Just don;t confuse his agenda with Jesus Christ, that's all :-)

Incidentally, this same 'filter' nonsense is being pushed in the EU - for similar overt reasons (and probably for the same real reasons).

Similar evidence-free arguments too...

Noel Peters


Religion should stay out of politics. Someone once said the greatest mistake man made was to turn Jesus Christ into a religion. You could just as easily substitute Mohammed. One day someone will find an internet filter very useful. That someone will become a modern day Hitler. History repeats itself. Make the tools available at your peril.

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