Toshiba Satellite laptops recalled for burn hazard

Faulty component could overheat and melt the base of laptops
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  • 04 September, 2010 01:08

The U.S. and Canadian governments this week said that Toshiba is voluntarily recalling some Satellite laptops for posing a burn hazard to customers.

Laptops could overheat and possibly melt the area around the notebook's plug-in to the AC adapter, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada said in a joint statement.

The burn hazard results from a faulty component. Laptops being voluntarily recalled include the Satellite T135, Satellite T135D and Satellite Pro T130 models. The model and part numbers are located on the bottom of the laptops, and begin with PST3AU, PST3BU, or PST3LU, according to Toshiba's support Web site

The laptops were sold in stores and through online retailers, including Toshiba's Web site, from August 2009 through August 2010 for between US$600 and $800.

The hazard affects about 41,000 laptops worldwide. Toshiba has received 129 reports of either overheating or of plastic casing melting around the AC adapter plug, the CPSC and HC said. The reports included minor burn injuries and property damage.

Toshiba has released BIOS revisions for the laptops that can disable external power after failure. Toshiba said batteries cannot be recharged until the problem is fixed. Toshiba has asked customers to call the company's product support line for repairs.

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I bought a Toshiba Satellite M300 and i had changed the harddisk - stop functioning however Toshiba checked and said was ok. I disbelieve them as I got a local supplier to replace it as I was leaving for overseas. It battery changer and the unit always heated ....its a laptop but u cannot put on your laptop and use for more than an hour. It heats up.
Later the motherboard failed and I was in China, i had new motherboard replaced ..... worked for 2 months and it new problem occurred the battery died. I replaced that then the motherboard locked up. At start it asked for a password, I had never put a password.....maybe the system demanded a password unknown to me.
So the machine is basically useless, last week I went to a computer shop in Fairfield Sydney and the guy pitied me and has opened up and cleared the unknown password at a cost. Now this computer shop tells me, Ram its working but the display screen sometimes on show anything and you will have reboot it.
Hey Toshiba I have bought 7 Toshiba laptops .....funny last month I bought Toshiba Satellite A500 for some reasons I cant register this unit. God know why.....I am damn but this is the last laptop for me.
Try next brand after this dies maybe in the next few months.
Unhappy toshiba fan
Ram Deo Prasad JP(NZ)

Ram Pasad


I think you should recall the M300 to as they are hazard risk. Ram

Ram Prasad


Last week I replaced my toshiba to Sony E series ..... I am happy enjoying the new toy. Byebye Toshiba, Ram



M300 is a piece of crap. The hinge broke, the wire started to tear and started to spark and black smoke rose from it. Now I don't think that's normal. If anyone sees this email me at and tell me if you think I'm somewhat entitled to a refund or discount. Ps the laptop was bought 3 yrs ago and treated fair. I believe the overheating laptop melted whatever glue they may have on there.

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