Retailers: PlayStation Move will outsell Xbox Kinect

Based on customer feedback, Kinect will lose the motion control war against the Move, according to a video games retailer and a games distributor

The Kinect on show.

The Kinect on show.

Sony’s PlayStation Move has been tipped to be a more popular motion control device than Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect, according to a national video games retailer and a games distributor.

Sony and Microsoft have both invested in a new motion control device to take on the casual gaming market dominated by the Nintendo Wii console. The Move uses motion-sensing gaming controllers that resemble the Wii-Motes while Kinect takes a different approach with a peripheral that detects body movement without a controller.

Move will debut this month while the Kinect is slated for a November release.

Click here to view the Microsoft Open House slideshow featuring Kinect demonstrations

National video games retailer, Gametraders, said that, based on feedback from its 35 stores across Australia, the Move will be more coveted than the Kinect.

“We ran a Facebook survey three weeks ago and it came back with some interesting results,” Gametraders national marketing manager, Rob Jenkins, said. “Generally, the Facebook fans on our page are hardcore gamers and they are saying they don’t like either of the two because real gamers use controllers.

“But based on store feedback, the Move is going to be bigger than the Kinect.”

Move has worked better in media demonstrations and is more similar to the popular Wii motion controller, which is already widely accepted, according to Jenkins.

“I think the Kinect is a bit clunky and I don’t think it will work properly so I think the Move will have a better initial push and will be received better,” he said.

The PlayStation 3 being a newer and – what many consider - more robust system also doesn’t help the case for the Kinect, with more multimedia features such as a Blu-Ray player, Jenkins said.

“I could be wrong, but in some people’s eyes, the 360 is seen as an older technology in some ways,” he said. “We are finding the PlayStation 3 is starting to pick up in sales because Blu-Rays are cheaper and more accepted now.

“I think there is almost this psychological feel the PlayStation 3 is newer technology and I think that is part of [why the Move will be more popular].”

Games distributor, AFA Interactive, shares the same opinion. It sub-distributes for Sony and has an indirect distribution arrangement with Microsoft.

AFA will be distributing the Move and the Kinect to its network of 500 independent retailers.

“The feeling we are getting from a lot of our customers is the Move will be more successful than the Kinect,” AFA product and marketing manager, Karl Vosgerau, said.

There are obvious similarities between the Move and the Wii, but the enhanced graphics on the PlayStation 3 will be a drawcard, he said.

“With the Move, it’s kind of like the Wii controls but it will be much more realistic and responsive whereas the Kinect is completely driven by your body,” he said. “We get the feeling that – from what we’re told – it sounds like this can really limit what the possibilities are [for gameplay].”

Compounding matters is the price. Vosgerau cited the Kinect being more expensive than the Move as a key issue. The Kinect will retail for $199 while the Move Starter pack will sell for $99.95, albeit the latter requires the purchase of additional equipment with certain games.

Gametraders and AFA have both noticed rising sales for the PlayStation 3.

“Over the past year, if a game is coming out on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 comes out as the stronger platform,” Vosgerau said. “That was different from when I started here four years ago when the PlayStation 3 just came out where you would sell more games on the Xbox 360. Now it’s the other way around.”

While the Wii is still experiencing strong sales, Jenkins said the reality is the console doesn’t drive software sales as Wii owners tend to stick with a select number of games. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are the traditional software drivers.

“We’ve put big [hopes] on the Move because we think it will stimulate some hardware sales and probably some software sales,” Jenkins said.

Consumer electronics chain store, JB Hi-Fi, had a different take on the Move versus Kinect battle.

JB Hi-Fi CEO, Terry Smart, was optimistic the two devices are going to have an impact on the gaming market and said it was hard to pick a possible winner.

“However, the Kinect is significantly different in the sense it doesn’t require a controller and is motion activated by sensing body movements,” he said. “So it’s definitely the biggest difference or change in gaming that is coming along.”

Smart dismissed the notion the Kinect’s unique control system will deter consumers from buying the product.

“Australians love new technology and are extremely good at adopting the latest products and will therefore be drawn to the Kinect,” he said. “Having said that, there is an established base of PlayStation 3 users that will want to upgrade.

“If I was to put a bet down, I would say the Kinect [will win] for its uniqueness and will do extremely well.”

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No point asking hard core gamers... that whole facebook survey was a pointless exercise.



Move will outsell Kinect. In Australia.



Having tried Kinect, the idea of hands free interactivity would be cool and exciting... if it worked... But it doesn't. Using the menu is cumbersome, you have to wave your arm and hold it still for quite awhile before the cursor even shows up and you've got to keep your movements slow and precise which requires a lot more effort than you'd think simply to click an on-screen button then wait a couple of seconds so that it knows that you want to click that button or menu. It's slower and totally unergonomic versus a traditional controller, remote or even the Wiimote/Move controller. This technology simply isn't there yet to do this well enough and developers have not yet figured out an ergonomic method of making hands free technology smooth to browse simple menus. After awhile it just becomes frustrating. Getting excited about new technology is one thing, but purchasing it is only good providing it works and makes things better or more convenient. Kinect doesn't...



Of course it will, everyone loves the wii-er um... ps3

kinect is just that good camera voice hearing thing
(I will get this though)



Don't have have PS3,Ihave Xbox 360 so Kinect is for me, not Move,I will go with what I already have and it would be very cheaper for me then trying to purchase a PS3+Move&accessories+3d tv for 3d gaming an movies+PS3 software, that would be nuts.I like the Kinect idea even if you can't play shooters as of now with it, there is other fun in video game software other than shooters or games of that type.I looked at my software and I find shooters,racers,and a few fighters its all the samething, its time for me not to play that style games for a while and to experience some of the fun that I get from Kinect, my family is ready for it and can't wait.



So they surveyed a bunch of hardcore gamers, which of the family aimed accessories they wanted.

Kinect is going to outsell the move, Microsoft is going to make a killing, they've tapped the market that Wii opened, but additionally still have the hardcore option that was lacking from the Wii. If you check the top sellers in Amazon etc, Kinect outranks the Move, which is a far more revealing figure than a mis-targeted (and probably poorly executed) survey on facebook.



@Jack - The figures provided by Gametraders and AFA are based on actually feedback from stores and customers. JB Hi-Fi CEO's opinion is based on "my personal view".

Besides, AFA distributes to hundreds of smaller retailers. I think you need give more credit to them. =/



The kinect is a totally new idear instead of the move because they totaly copied the wii. I think kids teenagers and adults will love the kinect because it is a totally knew idear. You can even speak to it.

Karl Vosgerau


Hi Jack,

Like I said we deal with over 500 independent retailers as well as having accounts with all national retailers.
The feedback we have received overall points to the Move being more succesful.
I guess time will only tell!



I have a PS3 & an xbox360 and choose to go with the Kinect because I used to have a Wii and gave it away cos clenching the controller for long periods made my hands quite sore. I'm sure it'd be the same with the Move.

Personally, I think the Kinect will outsell the Move in the end.

With the reviews of it so far, it has changed a lot of ppl's opinions about the Kinect. You only have to do a google to see that.

Obviously only time will tell, but I guarantee you the Kinect will be the winner here.



Is it just me or am I the only one that remembers eye toy. The Xbox Kinect is basically a slightly more advance version of that but still with the same problems of menus. The real only difference is that there are more games made for the kinect, its not really revolutionary. I have tried the kinect and I had heaps of issues with it. Firstly jumping up and down jogging on the spot and flying your arms around is not the best thing to do for hours on end in an Australian summer (with the move you use dont heat up as fast), Secondly if you have another moving object ) like a fly close to the camera) in the room it will trick the kinect into thinking its you so your character will do strange thing.



@Michael: I've noticed that about the kinect as well. It's laggy and unpleasant for a lot of the games. That and yes, it does strongly resemble the EyeToy although MIcrosoft says the Kinect uses more sophisticated technology. I personally like the EyeToy more...



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