Conroy: Internet filter bill with fixes will be out by November

Communications Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, has imposed a tentative November deadline on the mandatory ISP filtering legislation

Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, at the launch of Macquarie Telecom's $5 million call centre

Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, at the launch of Macquarie Telecom's $5 million call centre

Communications Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, has said he expects mandatory ISP filtering legislation to be out by November. But he refused to promise it would be ready before the election.

“We are prepared to spend as much time as necessary to make sure we get it right,” he said. “Sooner rather than later… does this mean December? No, I wouldn’t think it would be. But there could be intervening events I can’t be in control of.”

Earlier this morning, the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, told ABC Darwin’s Julia Christensen she recognised community concerns about the filter and that Minister Conroy was working on a resolution.

“Stephen Conroy is working to get this in the right shape,” she said. “I understand that there’s a set of technical concerns about Internet speed and also concerns that this somehow accidentally doesn’t move into taking away legitimate use of the Internet.

“It’s not my intention that we jeopardise legitimate use of the Internet.”

The Senator was speaking at the launch of Macquarie Telecom’s $5 million call centre facility in Sydney. When asked what the Prime Minister meant by her comments, he claimed she was referring to his ongoing consultation process.

“It’s the same as I’ve been saying for the last few months, which is we’ve been consulting on the accountability and transparency measures,” he said. “That’s what she’s been referring to the same as I’ve been saying for a month or two now.”

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What? November? You've got to be kidding. What's he going to be doing between now and then, collecting all the porn he can before he decides that no-one else is allowed to see it?

It's not an election winning policy, so I guess he's trying to push it as far away as possible. Conroy, you are an embarrassment to this entire nation.

Been Here Before


Ironically enough Mike, Conroy is well considered internationally, except for the small number of people agitated about internet filters. Australia has a great reputation, the NBN is considered exciting and the Telstra deal is a success and great solution.

BTW, some management statement from a Google does not represent a majority of anyone except the Google board and executive...

Syd Walker


It's true that Senator Conroy is highly-regarded internationally as an object of derision.,australias-net-filter-makes-world-headlines.aspx

The "small number of people"concerned about the 'filter', I note, includes some 90,000 who voted on the SMH poll recently - 99:1 against the 'filter'

If the ALP wants to live dangerously - and risk losing office after one term - it could push ahead with this crazy and unpopular policy of mandatory Internet censorship, which taints the NBN and drowns out other positive policy initiatives from the government.

There is a better way...



call me paranoid but i think it wont be long before every torrent site is added to the blacklist... after all we have trade agreements to think of. We simply wont see all the things Conroy doesn't want us to see, and that could be anything.. I'm old enough now to make my own judgments on websites and movies, i dont need protecting. "Conroy is well considered internationally",,???, that means nothing to us . 'they' can't vote



@BHB .... Seriously? The vast overwhelming majority of the international community fell off their collective chairs in horror to hear that Stephen Conroy wants to censor the internet in Australia just like they do in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia. The US Ambassador even had strong words not quite as far as "what the ???" to say about it.

Clearly the "here" you have been is "under a rock, ignoring reality just like Stephen Canroy".



This whole thing is a joke, Mandatory ISP filtering IN A DEMOCRACY. The whole thing is a contradiction.

Welcome to 2011 Australia, in the ranks with Turkey, Iran and China..... Where all the information you receive on the internet is filtered thanks to Rudd, Labor and Conroy..... You would think Julia would have some more common sense.



The only time the man gets any airtime is for his blunders and gaffes. Crediting him with the talent for any other achievements is also a deceit, throw enough public money at a problem and it simply goes away. An Internet Filter in Australia, what the hell has happened to us?



Australia will head in directions of censorship no matter what government is involved, the internet censorshop sager has been going on for a number of years now.

It's one further step where Australian citizens are loosing there Freedom.

However there is always opportunity to take your own action and use VPN services like it encrypts your internet connection so governments and ISP's cannot see any internet traffic from your computer. Therefore, instant circumvention.

I am sure many Australians will be looking for a solutions to beat this policy from Stephen Conroy.



i can understand the need for webfilters many security programs filter out dangerous websites as well as Opendns
But what bothers me is will there be a slow down in loading pages. even a fraction of a second is going to get annoying really fast. I pay for fast internet and I dont pay to be laggy and buggy.
And thats the other issue, bugs. What problems am I going to be faced with will there be constant technical problems and downtime. I really think they are going to completely stuff it up.
And we will end up with a second rate internet service.
And if they block my favourite video sites then that will be the end. I will cancel my contract. maybe thats what the end will be a Dyspotic society, no more freedom of choice, next they will be saying what religion we must belong to. They take away our rights and inprison us in the confines of their dystopia and make us slaves to their economy, bombarding us with adverts as they program us to be consumers and batteries for the economy. contol, its all about control.. be a good slave and mention this no more. lest the tyrant seek you out and increase your bonds. bleh, one tyrant for another there all the same, liars and thieves.

Stirling Johnson


Who's he consulting with? Spin doctors, or experts? The experts are all telling him he's got a lemon. And his policy won't be released "with fixes" unless it's released as an opt-in filter, or no filter at all.



Let it die the natural death it deserves Conroy. If you don't put this old dog down once and for all and before the election then I think you underestimate the number of people that will ensure your chances at government will die with it.

Julia I am pleased you are now the Prime Minister and I would like to see you re-elected. Please beat some sense into this clown and ditch the mandatory filter in favour of at least an opt in system, or just ditch it completely and put the money into law enforcement. For me and many others this is the deciding factor in whether your vote goes to you or the Greens.



I hear the filter blocks all criticisms of Labor, because only a pervert would criticise Labor...

Labor is double plus good!



'Who's he consulting with? Spin doctors, or experts?"

As Far as I'm aware God and the ACL ... more the ACL before God ... Seesh The government is willing to make deals with nutters over the Australian public ...we are screwed...



I'd like to see a white list filter for my kids. Basically, I should be able to turn it on and my kids see only relevant stuff that I let them see based on their age group ie. G, PG, M, MA15+.

Then, when I hop on, I just turn it off.

This is a much cheaper option, protects my kids from internet nasties and prevents the filter from limiting my options based on political agendas.



Mark my words, it will NEVER be up and running before the election. It's too much of a liability. I would bet everything I own on it. And transparency? What transparency? The filter list is legally censored. Everything about this filter has been carefully engineered to ensure the public believes its the answer to all that is out there on the internet with none of the actual technical issues addressed. Regardless of the moral and ethical implications of controlling what an entire country can access infomation wise without any oversight. It still amazes me that other members of the Labour party are happy for this to move ahead as is.

Brett Anderson



Get a bloody filter installed on your PC and install a whitelist then. How hard is it to be a responsible parent.

Tom Brown


Thankyou David Ramli for your succinct and unbiased report.

I think the legislation has to be tabled before the election otherwise the opposition will use it as another failure.
I hope it gets voted on to see who votes against it and how they change next year.

I agree with Adam, how often do we see a parent getting a working filter going!

A question of philology?
It is interesting how thieves get violent when someone steals something from them, as liars do when lied to. So many comments in this forum are expressions of violence but for what slight?

The Axe


The filter will hang like an axe over the next election.

They'll dangle the NBN carrot in front of you until you stick your neck out and vote for them.

Then down comes the internet filter CHOP!!!

You're a gonner :(



This is the downside of not having a Bill of Rights like they do in the US...



I thought the new PM would do something about this... what a disappointment...

charles mckay


what the hell this is ridiculous i hope he by mistake falls over the stairs and forgets this silly thing it is not worth the trouble for some stupid filter

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