iPrimus: We connected first NBN customer, not Internode

Internode has hooked up its first Tasmanian NBN customer but iPrimus claims to have beaten it to the punch.

Internode has hooked up its first National Broadband Network (NBN) customer in Tasmania but iPrimus claims it connected the NBN’s first Australian customer.

The South Australia-based ISP is the first to release a public statement regarding its NBN customer connection.

Internode may have connected its first customer but the first customer in Australia was connected by iPrimus,” iPrimus CEO, Ravi Bhatia, said. “We did it yesterday or the day before."

iPrimus didn’t make the news public because rules from NBN Tasmania prevented it from releasing the information, according to Bhatia.

Internode has released a statement about lighting up its first NBN service for a Tasmanian customer.

Robert Pettman, a senior IT technician, had his Internode service made live at 5pm on the first of July. He lives at Midway Point, one of the first sites laid with fibre during the Tasmanian NBN rollout.

Pettman was glad to receive a major speed increase compared to his previous 1.5Mbps ADSL service.

“I’ve done speed tests and have seen a few peaks of 80Mbps, although it mostly hovers around 50Mbps, which is what I ordered,” he said in a statement.

IPTV is now what the Tasmanian technician is looking forward to and he plans to buy a home theatre system with Internet connectivity settings to stream YouTube videos on a television.

Pettman applied for the Internode service in June.

iiNet, the other ISP signed on to supply Tasmanian NBN services, was unable to not provide a comment at the time of publication.

ARN will continue to provide updates throughout the day.

UPDATE: iiNet disappointed with NBN customer publicity.

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You don't need 50mbps to stream Youtube videos.



You dont need V8 engines, but people still purchase and use them.



lolo, come on you wiseacres, tell us all just when the Internet decided not to grow and get faster and faster??

When we had 2400 baud modems?

When we had 9600 baud modems?

When we had fractional ISDN?

When we had 14.4kbps connections?

When we had 28.8Kbps connections?

When we had 56K connections?

When we had 64Kbps ISDN connections?

When we had 128K ISDN connections?

When we had 256K connections?

When we had the first DSL connections?

When we had 512K connections?

When we had 1024K connections?

When we had 1.5Mb connections?

When we had 2Mb connections?

When we had 6Mb connections?

When we had 10Mb connections?

When we had 16Mb connections?

When we had 20Mb connections?

When we had ADSL2 connections?

When we had ADSL2+ connections?

When we have 30Mb / 40Mb / 60Mb / 100Mb connections??

Come on, tell us all why it all stopped yesterday?

Do you really think that the servcies you had yesterday were all that the industry and the internetis going to deliver?

If so, grab your 2400 baud modems and have fun.

The rest of us are going to enjoy ever expanding and enhanced access speeds, reliability, services, communications, cost effectiveness and flexibility.

And if streaming YouTube is the zenith of your online life and experience, you are welcome to it.

Now if you will excuse me I have a four way video skype call with my associates in NZ and interstate....

Try that on your 28.8Kb modem ans connections... lol.



Isn't Ravi the guy who also supported Conroy's internet filter.



Yes he is. iPrimus is more like iBendover. Sorry but it is true. Ravi + Conroy = best buddies.



iprimus CEO = pro filter deserves sod all customers.



Umm hate to burst your inflated bubble there iPrimus but here is a GEOGRAPHY lesson for you...


So Internode WAS the first ISP to connect and AUSTRALIAN customer!

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