iiNet: Conroy misrepresents our filtering stance

ISP is also dubious on Communications Minister’s recent claims that 85 per cent of Australian ISPs supporting Internet filtering

iiNet has rejected public statements from Communications Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, that it supports the Government’s proposed Internet filtering policy.

Conroy told The Sun-Herald 85 per cent of Australian ISPs support the unpopular policy including Telstra, Optus, iPrimus and iiNet. However, an iiNet spokesperson said the Senator’s statements misrepresented its position. The Perth-based ISP pulled out of the Internet filter trials in March, branding the exercise a “waste of taxpayers’ money” and fundamentally flawed.

“We have been involved in the [Internet filtering public] consultation but solely to make a bad policy better; we don’t actually support the filter,” the iiNet spokesperson told ARN. “We don’t support it and never supported it… and to characterise us as supporting the policy because of our involvement in the consultation is just a misrepresentation and is not accurate.”

iiNet reiterated its views on the futility of the filter’s effects for warding off illegal content such as child pornography, claiming such information was largely traded on peer-to-peer networks and not through public domain websites. The ISP also criticised Conroy’s statement on 85 per cent of ISPs backing the filter policy.

“If you include Telstra, Optus, iPrimus and iiNet on the list, that’s 85 per cent of the market in essence [in terms of market share],” the spokesperson said. “There are 400-odd ISPs and I don’t think he [Conroy] is referring to 80 per cent of individual ISPs.”

iiNet has notified Senator Conroy’s press department about its concerns. iPrimus, one of the participants in the Internet filtering trial, said it backed the mandatory clean-feed.

“The filtering will apply to RC content, which typically consists of child pornography, bestiality, rape, how to make bombs and so on. We have no problem with that being filtered,” iPrimus CEO, Ravi Bhatia, said.

Optus and Telstra had yet to respond to enquires made by ARN at the time of publication. Senator Conroy’s department could not clarify where the figure came from at the time of publication.

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Sarah Miles


Conroy's a very untrustworthy individual who will happily tell lies to force his own religiously motivated agenda on the Australian public, because he knows best for all of us.



" Senator Conroy’s department could not clarify where the figure came from at the time of publication."

Made it up as usual?



Hah, another reason not to trust Stephen Conroy.

He's grasping at numbers that aren't entirely true. Using the word Child Pornography to scare Australian's into backing the filter.

It's good to see iinet sticking up for themselves and not being pushed around by the Government.

Yeah, speaking of a flawed system, it's entirely true. VPN Server will bypass this filter and i'm sure if this filter is ever introduced, people will flock to circumvention technologies.



How can any person still trust this guy, if he can't even get his facts straight. Makes you wonder if the other "Facts" he has told us about the filter are true.



I really hope other ISP's tell the government to stick their filter idea up their clackers.

I won't be recommending Iprimus or Optusnet to anyone.



This incompetant government makes me sick to my stomach.
Im almost ashamed to be an Australian with Conroy and Krudd destroying our fundamental rights to a democratic society.

Conroy is nothing more than a Conniving, deceitful, technologically illiterate man whose agenda is going to cost this country its reputation and put as at the forefront of a democracy becoming a dictatorship.

Bring on the election, we need to remove these idiots from power NOW!!!!!



nice work senator, lie lie lie deceive and what ever else it takes, hope this makes some major news papers so the general public get more of an idea what this guy is about.

oh and even if labour do manage to win the next election i think mr conroy will be out and living it up on his taxpayer pension which is wrong to me, he should be out with nothing more than a pat on the back and a few friendly words like "wake up to your self man" and "this country is bigger than you and your ideas" ah well we can only dream



Thanks to it being ridiculously easy to circumvent, I'm not too worried about freedom of speech issues. I am a bit worried about how much it costs, and how little it will do. Sure, if you blocked all sites that had RC content the internet might be a bit nicer, but this filter doesn't even do that. It will filter, at most, a few thousand sites. There are far more than a few thousand sites that would be refused classification. This filter does nothing except waste money.



Chris: Removing one idiot only brings in another idiot from a different party.



iinet have been struggling to clear this up for a good while now but Conroy just keeps on listing them as supporters... very bad boy Mr Conroy.

Hubert Cumberdale


It's totally irrelevant how many ISP's support the filter the majority of people have said that they dont want it but Conroy wont listen, he doesn't care about them, the filter is of paramount importance and he cares about the children more... but one wonders why he isn't recommending parents keep their kids away from any computer devices until it's up and running.

I've read some comments on other websites about this issue such as The Register, some of them say we need a revolution, while that may be true personally I think it's bit extreme, people should just learn to be smarter when voting. You dont have to buy a Ford or Holden, you can buy a Toyota.



Doesn't Conroy always accuse GetUp! of spreading lies about the filter to the public? Lol

I wont be voting ALP until this is scrapped. I'll be voting below the line and putting Conroy dead last.



"The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government? is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation." Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf




Minister Conroy:

Could you please explain the lie you told the SMH stating " 85 per cent of Australian ISPs support the unpopular policy including Telstra, Optus, iPrimus and iiNet".

Firstly, you have lied to the public by stating "Telstra, Optus, IPrimus, iiNet'' when infact this is completely untrue!

All of those ISP's pulled out of the filter due it being flawed and a waste of taxpayers money. I think you owe an apology to the public and all those ISP's who you claim are pro-filter when INFACT they are anti-filter!

When will this government especially in this department stop with the lies and discrimination to the public. First we have the NBN which is a white elephant and now you want to censor the internet.

You always say the internet is not special and you think you have support for this censorship! the only people who support this filter are the extremist christians, Senior labor politicians, SOME child safety groups. If your going to filter the internet, are you going to filter out the secrets of the child abuse in the churches OR IS THAT TOO CONTROVERSIAL FOR YOU?

Im asking for you to resign over lies and absolute discrimination to the public. you have till the end of this week to say "WHY you made false claims and apologise to the ISP's otherwise I will be talking to other people including your office and will be ringing the police to ask about their stance on the filter" also,

Isnt it a criminal offence to make lies about a company's position on things. I will be contacting NSW Police/AFP on this issue as its not acceptable that a government especially in Australia gets away with it.



Why is the Iprimus spokesperson only mentioning illegal RC content? Maybe it's easier to push the filter when you do not mention that it bans harmless RC content that is perfectly legal for an Adult to view as well.

James B


May be Senator Conroy should be filtered, then he wouldn't be able to give out misleading info and we wouldn't get to read his dribble! It amazes me that he is allowed to say such rubbish, it just goes to show that he doesn't want to listen because he has already made up his own mind and part of that is that he thinks he is right. Mad, totally mad.

Joe Average


Please Mr Conroy, can we have a filter that will filter out the lies told by you and the rest of the Australian Government? Now that would be a filter that would be working overtime and it would at least do something useful, though I don't think there would be any news left out of Canberra. There would be wonderful silence! From both sides of politics!

How can you tell when a politician is lying?
His lips are moving.



Yes he's scrapped the government provided PC filter and subjected the children to the net nasties for nearly two years now. Hypocrite much?

Every word out of Conroys mouth seems to be an outright lie or half truth or even a withholding of the truth. listening to him makes me sick to my stomach. For a so called "christian" man he doesn't publicly display any christian values, just lies, deceit and dishonour.



We cannot allow this filter to go ahead, doing so is allowing our freedom to be trampled on.



why dont mr conjob set up a kids net work ISP with all the filters, and leave the rest to free spech after all is that not what all the wars wher about freedom??? and stop wasting tax payers money
on this

Peter Nissando


I have been under the illusion that iiNet did infact support the new censorship filter as told by Conroy and have advised potential customers accordingly (ie told them to pick an alternative isp). So given that this was a lie and iiNet do not support the filter means Conroy has slandered iiNet with a measurable loss of business as a result. My advice to iiNet is take legal action and seek compensation from Conroy. I would. I hope all Australians realise what this filter entails and votes accordingly at the next election. If only we could get a minister who is even close to being qualified for the job.






As the saying goes if you lie enough times you end up believing in your own lies.
Conroy has no spine and has no remorse on his own misreadings. Since he is a gutless turd he will continue to accuse people and media and actual IT experts that know that it WONT WORK misleading.



Oh, how short the memory span of so many of you. Have you forgotten how the previous "Liberal" government was pilloried for getting it so wrong? You think that the crowd currently leading the Libs will be any different to the last lot? I can tell you now that yes, they will - they'll be even more reactionary and backward looking than the previous incumbents - much more "fundamentalist", and definitely much less liberal (small "l") than the current crowd.
Malcolm Frazer got it right - the current Libs are further to the right than Genghis Khan.

So don't expect anything like cheap broadband from them. Oh, they'll drop the filter - possibly, if they don't rely on the religiously intolerant members of the Senate, and if they don't realise how useful it could be to censor opposition rhetoric - but then, it's most unlikely that both of these won't come to pass, isn't it?



What we need is a really good filter.

One that will silence all the lies coming from Conboy and his holy roller buddies, so that we never again have to confront the shocking experience of unexpectedly coming across such unmitigated filth.



This policy is terrible. It's also ridiculous that it will go ahead no matter how unpopular it is. I really want to punish the government, but the opposition is in support of it too.

Looks like I will have to vote Greens!



Toss out the government altogether, or at least toss out the conservatives - how exactly is the public stupid enough to vote conservative again?



And another thing - **** what the children think, they're not going to care, or even KNOW, about this stupid filter. It's the whining of irresponsible idiots, nothing more.



this filter might ban sites like spankwire. all it will take is for some idiot to upload a video with incest in the title before the spider checks the site.

Conroy hater


Conroy is and idiot and the government is just as stupid. this filter is the biggest waste of time. again the general population is copping it sweet for what the government covers as "protecting our children" get lost and pull the other one mate. take it to a referendum and you will find no one wants the government controlling the people filter. nowhere actually states what it blocks everything says it will block RC sites, or it will Typically block, which leaves a huge gap for them to control what they want. take your religious views elsewhere conroy. Let families chose if they want it mandatory filtering is crap and you know it.

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