Updated: AAPT offers Australia's first unlimited ADSL 2+

Telco becomes the first ISP to launch a limitless ADSL2+ offering in Australia, but analyst warns of potential business turmoil

AAPT has become Australia’s first ISP to launch an ADSL 2+ plan with limitless downloads, no capping and no throttling, but at least one expert doubts its veracity.

“This is a milestone day for Australia as AAPT’s benchmark decision will force our major competitors to do the same thing,” AAPT chief executive, Paul Broad, said in a statement. “All Australians will benefit from AAPT leading the way with unlimited broadband.”

Although many other ISPs offer unlimited downloads as part of their broadband Internet plans, most slow down the speeds of users that go over a set limit while others charge fees for extra downloads.

AAPT's limitless downloads will be available with no service interruptions or peak/off-peak time constraints.

While telecommunications analyst, Paul Budde, said he hadn’t completely analysed the terms and conditions of the plan, he doubted both the completeness of the ISP’s claim and its sustainability as a business model.

“I’m a little bit reluctant to comment on this because I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something in the contract that indicates there is some sort of limitation, be it ‘Fair Use’ or something else,” he said.

“A lot of our content comes from the US and the UK. These are far away and there are high international costs involved. This makes it difficult for ISPs to just give uncapped price plans.

“It’s often said with high-volume ISPs that it’s one or two per cent of the customers that account for 50 per cent of the traffic. Now there’s no business model that stacks up where you give this enormous amount of capacity away to these people.”

Budde was happy to see it as a positive move for consumers that may drive other telcos to provide similar offerings, but warned that a lack of limits could lead to AAPT attracting a wave of illegal filesharers and mass-downloaders.

“It’s definitely a win for customers. The more openness and the more freer services there are the better it is. It stimulates innovation,” he said. “If it’s a totally unfettered system, what you potentially do is allow the two percent of people misusing it and you attract more of them to your network.”

To coincide with the new ADSL2+ offering, telco has also formed a partnership with music label, EMI. It will provide customers with streaming and downloadable songs. According to Broad, this will help prevent illegal file sharing.

“As consumers, we all have a moral responsibility to ensure recording artists receive the royalties they rightly deserve and by offering our Entertainment Bundle we’re encouraging Australians to do the right thing,” he said.

Users with access to the music subscription will have unlimited song streaming with $50 of music downloads per week. The music comes as MP3 files that can be played in a variety of devices.

The 24/7 Unlimited Broadband plan costs $99.95 a month over 24 months with a minimum spend of $2398.80. The music pack costs an additional $17.99 a month over 12 months with a minimum cost of $215.88.

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It is not true unlimited.

5 Excessive use

You must use your Internet Service in accordance with any download or capacity limits stated in the specific plan that you subscribe to for the use of that Service. We may limit, suspend or terminate your Internet Service if you unreasonably exceed such limits or excessively use the capacity or resources of our Network in a manner which may hinder or prevent us from providing services to other customers or which may pose a threat to the integrity of our Network or systems.



2AM to 8AM is unlimited, 60gb for the rest, then capped, may aswell get a pigeon.

M Warren


Hardly the first - Telstra Business has offered ADSL2+ with unlimited downloads for a few years now.



Where did the reporter get the name '24/7 Unlimited Broadband plan"?

I have not been able to locate this on the AAPT website and indeed the 8pm-8am thing does not seem very 24/7 to me.

It's there


I can see it on the main page, 24/7 Unlimited blah blah. The 8-8 plans are different ones.

As for excessive use, that's the same for all plans



This is a new plan from AAPT, only just released, there are other plans available, 8pm to 8am unlimited and 2am to 8am unlimited, this NEW PLAN IS UNLIMITED 24/7.

Phillip Dampier


It's confusing, but I finally did find the 24/7 unlimited plan details on this page: http://www.aapt-broadband.com.au/unlimited-broadband-music-downloads/24-7-unlimited-bundle

Their standard Internet plan page does not show this unlimited promotion, just the overnight unlimited use plans.

Daryl Teo


Using the term "prevent' is abit inaccurate here...

From my experience there are people who are so used to "illegal" downloading that they will continue to do so no matter what. I think "reduce" might be a better term.

This is a good step, but only a small one in the battle.



I hear you mr warren, however telstras current "unlimited offerings" are shaped to 1mb and 2mb connections, not full adsl2.



I think the music package is more interesting than the internet plan. I personally don't have a use for this quantity of music download, but a lot of people who would otherwise use iTunes and pay for every song can now get $50 of songs per week for $18/month. Sounds like one publisher has finally come up with a positive solution.



AAPT IS already throttling connections to ports above port 1023. This means torrents and any systems using custom ports is throttled at certain times of the day. I have tested this on multiple different ports at different times of the day. so for AAPT to claim they don't throttle is fallacious. They should say they don't throttle well known ports (ie: below 1024)

Attempts to get a response from AAPT about this have resulted in Well call you back without then ever responding.




I'd love to see their contention rations on a service like this.

From what I can read into it, they're offering a 1:1 pipe, full unlimited for $99.95 a month. Full speed, no shaping.. etc.

So.. lets say the average user is not getting the full 24Mbit, they'll be getting 12Mbit..

Even at 12 Megabit, a single unlimited $99/mo leecher has the potential to inflict Four gigabytes of damage per hour..

And there are 722.1 hours in the average month.

I'd like to see how long until AAPT pull this kind of unsustainable plan, or the likes to AFACT and digital publishers come after AAPT (like they did iinet) for irresponsibly providing services like this and actively promoting to the leech community (predominantly illegal downloaders) or they receive TIO complaints because the leechers can't pull a full 12mbit/sec each and every second of the day..

Good luck to AAPT.. May they feel the full wrath of various regulatory bodies and greedy end users alike.



Its 24/7 Unlimited broadband for $99.95 INCLUDING music.



everytime a plan like this comes up , theirs all this "it promotes piracy talk" . Did you ever think people may want to just use the internet when they want how they want without having in the back of theirs minds at all times remember the megabytes. With sites like youtube ive seen people go through GB's a night, thats not illegal last time i checked. Around the world unlimited is everywhere so why does it only promote piracy in australia?



I think its amusing that people are saying its not feasible for AAPT to do this when everyone keeps complaining that Australia doesn't have any unlimited plans(well at a reasonable price). Its almost like they don't want a company to even try offering these plans.

Let them at least try it and see how it goes. Maybe just maybe it will work out for the best and we see more providers offer similar plans.

I say congrats to AAPT for bring out a well priced internet plan for Australia even if they are not the first to actually have truly unlimited internet. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

To all the people who are saying its a stupid idea. Seriously if you don't like it then enjoy having a limit on your broadband usage.



@Bozmac, you sound very bitter, are you a competitor to AAPT?

How sad we don't embrace a good offer but wish it ill and find everything wrong with it!



There have been many similar offers in the past (at lower speeds) that have proved unsustainable. Why should we expect this to be any different?

It's a great idea, it's just the annoying facts that get in the way. I want higher limits as much as anyone, but ask Dodo customers how much they're enjoying their 'unlimited' plans.



I live in Thailand and even they have sustainable unlimited plans and the technology there is primitive compared to Australia. Australia is one of the few counties that "shape" Internet plans, but others have seen the greed and dollars and are considering following the example set by Telstra. Good for AAPT I wish them success. At least they are trying and if Telstra has to follow suit it will happen accross the board and Australians can enjoy the benefits. Not everyone is a pirate and this is the same call as censorship and terrorism. BS to manipulate and control.



This is a significant improvement for Internet services in Australia, people should just embrace it !

Paul Johnson


I just got back from New York -- Aussies are being RIPPED OFF !!!! On just about everything but especially internet!

I remember Paul Keating saying "Australia is the arse end of the world" how true he is ;)

Good luck!! - I'm OUT of this country as soon as I can afford to go ;)

To Return Expat


Well I think Paul (comment 20) is being a bit harsh...That said, I have been doing my research before heading home from the US back to Oz and I have to agree with one thing he said. Australians are getting absolutely ripped off on internet plans. My current US plan with Comcast is $69 US per mth unlimited and it comes with wireless modem also for my laptop. The line speed is +60MB and the wireless is at +15MB. Not only are our plans crap, so is the speed..and by the way Fibre to the Home isnt the answer either

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